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EUSSER Travel Bursary

Every year we award an applicant a bursary to travel to the EUSSER convention. Applicants must submit an application before the deadline to be considered. 

  • This bursary is being offered by ISERS for a member to attend the 16th ICSES 2024 congress which is being held in Munich, Germany (Sept 4th to 6th 2023).

  • A prize of €250 towards the cost of attending the conference will be awarded to the successful candidate.

  • Applications will close on January 21st, 2024.

  • All applications must be made by emailing this form to:

Previous Winners 

Christina Maxwell - Dublin 2022

I was delighted to receive the ISERS Bursary in 2021. I used this bursary to pay for attendance/travel to the SECEC-ESSSE Congress recently held in Dublin (709 Sept 2022), with the EUSSER conference held on the 8th September – “Advancing practice physiotherapy in shoulder & elbow rehab”. There were so many excellent presentations over the course of this conference, of particular note, the joint session on leadership delivered by Emma Stokes and Ruth Kiely, the session delivered by Karen McCreesh discussing mechanisms of action for exercise in RCRSP, and also the personal journey of Anji Jaggi to advanced clinical practice. These four women are such inspirational leaders in the field of Physiotherapy, and the presentations they delivered really stood out and I’m sure made everyone in attendance pause and reflect on their own practice and career pathway. Something in particular that resonated was the need to step out of your comfort zone and make the harder decisions sometimes on the path to personal and professional development. Thank you again to the ISERS committee for the bursary that enable me to attend this fantastic conference!


Risteard Byrne - Dublin 2022

I want to express my gratitude to ISERS for awarding me the bursary award, which I used to attend the EUSSER Conference in Dublin in 2022. It was a valubale opportunity for me to learn and grow as a professional in the field of shoulder rehabilitation. The conference was packed with informative lectures and hands-on workshops that provided me with a wealth of knowledge and practical skills. I also had the chance to network with some of the leading experts in the field and make valuable connections. Overall, my experience at the EUSSER conference was both educational and enjoyable, and I am grateful to ISERS for making it possible. Risteard Byrne


Paula Tansey - Den Bosch 2019


With thanks to the bursary received from the Irish Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation Society, in December 2019 I travelled to the lovely city of Den Bosch in the Netherlands for the EUSSER Congress. The topic of the congress was “Shoulder Pain and the Brain” which is an area that I am particularly interested in.

The conference was extremely well attended with over 600 physiotherapists present from throughout Europe. It was a hugely interesting and enjoyable experience. It really opened my eyes to hear about practices in shoulder rehabilitation in different European countries. Physiotherapists in many of these countries work in Shoulder Physiotherapy as a specialism, which is very different to how most physiotherapists work in Ireland and I could very much understand how this would be beneficial given that the shoulder pain can be varied and complex in many patients.

Renowned speakers such as Anju Jaggi, Jo Gibson, Ann Cools and Kevin Kuppens  presented and it was very interesting to hear their perspectives. Some of the information that was presented in the talks I use with my patients on a regular basis. 

Attending the EUSSER conference was a very worthwhile experience and I would recommend it to all of my physiotherapy colleagues.

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